Small But Mighty

As their first week of practice draws to a close, AUWRFC looks forward to a season with a lot of changes. As most of D.C. prepared for Hurricane Irene on Saturday morning, AU women’s rugby gathered for their end of the summer bootcamp. A combination of fitness, drills, and live rugby situations fed directly into practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This week was also the team’s first with new Head Coach, Roland Pratt, who said he was incredibly happy with the attitude and the work ethic of the ladies from the very first practice. “Their ability to listen to coaching moments and then apply them on the field has been first class. We have already built a nice chemistry and great team spirit, so success on the field is not far away.”

Assistant Coach and alumni, Krysi Hermes, was also very happy with the team’s progress. “So far it looks like everyone has been working hard over the summer,” said Hermes, “We had an easy time of getting back into it. Everyone’s had a great attitude. The new coach has brought fresh energy. We are small but mighty this season. When the team is this small, attitude is one of the most important things; to keep positive.”

With many players having graduated or spending a semester abroad, the team does face small numbers this season. Only sixteen returning players will be stepping onto the pitch this fall, so the team will be depending heavily upon those ranks and recruitment of new players.

However the excitement was still high at practice this week. When asked if she had any comments about the upcoming season, Spring 2011 rookie Loegan Wyatt said she would score her first try. “Put it in, it’s a fact!” she exclaimed with a grin.

The team is also under new leadership at an administrative level. Shomari Kee, American University’s new Assistant Director of Club Sports and Intramurals, is excited to help the women’s rugby team gain momentum. “The women’s rugby team is awesome,” Kee said, “and AU should come support them at every local match that they have.”

With the support of the university, the coaching staff, and the players themselves, AUWRFC is anticipating a landmark season. It won’t come easily though, and everyone is ready to put in the work, from practice to this coming Saturday’s “Rookie Day,” where new players can come and learn more about the team. It should add numbers to the roster for this season, but regardless, AUWRFC is indeed “mighty.”


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