AUWRFC Start Season With 42-0 Shut-out

The ruggers of AUWRFC showed they are ready to charge through the season full force yesterday with a shut-out victory over St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

At the end of last season St. Mary’s was one of two schools that caused American to miss a chance at MARFU playoffs and the road to nationals. Throughout the first few weeks of practice settling that score was on the coaches and players’ minds alike.

Kara Hegstrom dives over the line for the game's first try.

Saturday morning, AU showed the skill and tenacity that their program has developed. Less than ten minutes into the game the first try was scored for AU by Kara Hegstrom, a junior who returned this season from a semester abroad.

The momentum continued for the next 70 minutes with tries scored by team captain Stephanie “She-ra” Tietz, Meagan “Abe” Shamberger, Courtney Anker, Alese Overton, Kesley Cadden and two by Jacqui “Cuy” Langer. With a sucessful conversion by team captain Maggie Mueller the score came to 42-0.

“We went out onto the field with a lot to prove, not only to our opponents but also to ourselves,” said Tietz. “By the time we left, we had surpassed all preconceptions of what kind of team we could be.”

The team believes this is not only one successful game in their busy Spring schedule, but the start of even more impressive displays of teamwork and skill.

“This game was only the start,” said Tietz. “We’re still brushing off the cobwebs of the off-season, and for some players, the cobwebs of a semester abroad.  Given the level of play seen in our first game against a great opponent, I think it’s safe to say that the team this season is going to be the best team AU has seen in years.”

AU’s next game is March 17th against Catholic University in D.C.


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