AU wins first matrix match against Catholic

AU played its first matrix match last Saturday against Catholic and won 30-10. This was AU’s first night game, played under the lights on a turf field — quite different than the traditional triangle they’re used to. Despite the confusing pitch lines (the field had previously been used for soccer and football), Killah was able to find the try zone 4 times, as was Kara and Maya for one try each. The team was also given two yellow cards, but bounced right back for the victory.

Here’s what head coach Roly Pratt had to say:

“Well I don’t know about you, but that felt really good. Ever since playoff defeat last fall I wanted to show them who the better side is. Enjoy the victory tonight. You have earned it.

But no getting big heads, it’s only one game. Remember what got us here was our rucking. It sets up almost everything we do. You now know that it works, so you should try even harder to learn the other core skills we will be teaching you.

This team is going places and I’m honored to be part of it.”

Woman of the Match:4 Score Killer” because she was ON this match. An honorable mention goes to Veggie who ran an incredible line all night and made the harsh yards with her footwork and leg drive.


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