Big & Little Madness

So, it’s every rookie’s favorite time of the season — the time they get showered with chocolate, posters, glitter, pumpkins,  streamers, sports drinks, Halloween masks, snacks, blow up dinosaurs, etc. Here we’ve captured some of what’s been going on this past week, as our returners show the rookies how much they love them. Tonight at team dinner will be the Big Little reveal, where there will be more pictures to come. Enjoy!

“Love my Big so much! Seriously the best gifts ever”
“Thank you big! I love the streamers and the notes! Excited for Friday : )”
“Best big ever.”
“So excited to find out who my BIG is for rugby!!!! I already love them so much!”
“It’s Big Little week!! And I love my as of yet unnamed big so much already!”
“It’s backwards…but that’s okay. I LOVE YOU BIG!!! It’s like a mini dress on me…but it’s super comfy so yay. I am just so overcome with feelings right now.”
“Go heels? Hmmm. I only know one Back that used to go to UNC. I think I know who my big is. ; )”
“Got even more goodies from my big! Thank you, I love it so much! : )”
“Further proof that Bigs are 645963% better than the vast majority of the population. (Things I never knew I needed until now: an inflatable dinosaur and a bunch of glowsticks.)”
“oh big, lemme just tell you how much I love you and all your glitter madness!!”
“I love my rugby big!”
“Got my first big/little gift! Can’t wait for Friday!”
“Present from my big!!! It goes right on my wall, next to cards from family, Game of Thrones poster, and thermostat!”
“BIG! I love you so much!! Sorry my door was locked, next time ill make sure to keep it unlocked for you!! and the fact that you discovered my ariel obsession makes me love you even moooore”

Have more Big/Little pictures you want to share? Email Maya at or just post them on her wall.


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