Last victory for AU before playoffs, defeating No.1 St. Mary’s

This past Saturday stood as an important game for the AU women ruggers. For starters, it was parent’s weekend; a crucial weekend that creates an impact on parents to either a) be proud and impressed with their daughters or b) decide they don’t want their daughters coming near the sport ever again.

So far, so good.

But most importantly, AU competed against the No.1 seed team, St. Mary’s, and came out victorious. This win, 34-5, marked the final match before heading into playoff play where AU will face-off against Towson. 

Here’s a recap from head coach, Roly Pratt:

“After our typically slow start (a habit we need to break) we asserted our will, and were dominant in all facets of the game. I won’t lie to you and say that Mary’s was a poor team, because it’s not true. They are good. But you made them look decidedly ordinary today.

The final score of 34 to 5 was a fair reflection of our dominance. Today we played and fought as a team. The offense fired nicely. The defense in the second half was suffocating at times. And the set piece was 100% rock solid.

For me, the most pleasing thing today, was not the Champagne rugby we played, or the sexy tries we scored, it was mid way through the second half where you played the best defense of the season.

Finally I need to talk about our squad. All season you have come to training and struggled to grasp the concepts of the game that the coaches are throwing at you. Today was a perfect example of why the future will be bright on this team for years to come.

Nugget, Annie, Vanessa, Hyatt and Haley all made their A side debuts. In all, we changed 10 players and never missed a beat. Rookies improve every day. They make us all better. There is a unity in the team and it’s special. Lets not lose sight of that, and always remember we are not just a team, we are a family, as Ella mentioned on Friday night. We all play better when there is more at stake than a match. You don’t want to let your sisters down.

Let’s get ready for playoffs…”

Women of the Match: Maya was the player of the match for her excellent finishing today. Honorable mentions go out to Navy, Cuy and Wills. All excellent. They did their job to the highest standard and that’s all we can ask from anyone.


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