Player Awards

At the end of every season, head coach Roly Pratt acknowledges and awards some of our top players. This year’s award recipients include Veggie, Timmy, Shannon, Killer and Maya.

Most Improved Player 


For years she was stuck out on the wing and not always starting. This year we moved her to lock where she has become a star in our system, culminating in MVP of the final match.


The Iron Woman


 She played every meaningful minute of every game. Super dependable and always did her job.


Rookie of the Season


Our new kicking sensation. Not only can she kick, but she is a big game player with a great future.


Players of the Season

Killer and Maya

They are my thunder and lightning. They were joint top scorers. One is a forward, the other a back. Both played hurt this year. They suffered silently. Unwilling to come out at critical moments. They are the biggest of big game players. This weekend one was a defensive power house, the other scored or set up critical tries. Without them we do not win it all. That’s the biggest compliment I can pay.


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