AU Wins First Matrix Match Against St. Mary’s

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Some words from the coach:

Congratulations again on the first win of the season! It was done in great and decisive style with hard team work and excellent support play.

This week you played well organized defense – and it made a huge difference.

This week you trusted the person next to you to help you succeed – and it made a huge difference.

This week you play played 15 as 1 – and it led to domination in our first matrix match.

Now it’s time to step up our game. We were not a perfect team yesterday and we will face tough competition again next week. We will build on this to be a great team. This week at practice we will up the tempo and expectations of yourselves and each other.

We will have two Women of the match this week: Grace and Navy. Almost every time I commended an excellent ruck or great support/defensive play yesterday Grace was part of it. She was in tackle after tackle and ruck after ruck supporting her teammates and working her butt off in the trenches. Well done. Navy, with the support of great back line play found space and exploited it for two great trys along with a number of great attack plays. She played tough defense on the outside and did not allow St. Mary’s backs to turn the corner or break the line on her. Excellent day.


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