AU Beats George Mason, Now 3-0 in Matrix Matches

From the coach:


I know most of you woke up this morning physically miserable. But you also woke up this morning undefeated. We are 3-0 in league play and in total control of our destiny after this bye week.

Yesterday, you showed not only physical, but incredible mental toughness and were more of a team than ever. Many of you played beyond the minutes you thought you were capable of. Many of you shuffled positions multiple times. Some of you played new positions or in a matrix match for the very first time. All of that was just the start of the challenges.

You came up against a somewhat tough, but wildly undisciplined George Mason team.

But despite all of this, you played AU rugby. You stuck to the game plan and didn’t give in. At one point early in the second half, Mason was within 2 points. It would have been easy given the ref, the conditions and the multiple subs/injuries to let it slip away. But, instead of everyone trying to do too much & play alone you stuck together. You set the bar high and played above it, and for that I could not be more proud of every single one of you.

The backs as a whole deserve props for their awesome and well executed offensive play paired with very tough defense. An honorable mention to Grace for her beautiful tries and ability to be in the right place and space every time. But our woman of the match goes to a player who saved at least three tries and forced even more line outs with her incredible defensive play. She played her position not only with tenacity but with smarts too – and that is Hayley.


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