AU Loses to Salisbury, 25-12

From the coach:


I know that yesterday we were unfortunately not able to come up with the win that we wanted. I know that you are disappointed in the result. But we can and will learn from this game and use it for the rest of the season. I still do not believe Salisbury is a better team than you and I hope you don’t either. They may have won yesterday, but they had a lot of lucky breaks and fortunate bounces.
That being said, I believe we can work harder. I also believe that we can face adversity better and in the future we will. Physically we were not out played or outmatched. Mentally, we let them get the best of us. I hope that you all take the lessons of this game and use them to fuel your fire for the rest of the season. This week in practice we will work on our mental and physical game as well as continuing fitness. It’s easy at the tail end of the season to let fitness slack, we will not do that. I want all of you to make a concerted effort to put in extra time, because the more fit you are the more clearly you will be able to think in the final minutes of the game.
This week woman of the match goes to a player who not only played excellent shut down defense, but carried the ball, rucked well and stole every line out of the day while making sure to collect our own. She played a tough all-around team game for 80 minutes. That player is Porter. Excellent job.
Since we had a full B-side, I do also want to give a woman of the match. Actually co-women of the match. These two players I think truly became rugby players yesterday. They were flying all over the field making tackles, play disruptive defense and carrying the ball well. These players are Lea & Jacci. Well, well done.

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