AU wins scrimmage against UMBC

From the coach:


Yesterday’s game was not only a great rugby day, but I hope a great rugby experience for those of you who haven’t gotten a lot of minutes thus far. And for those of you playing different positions – I hope you not only learned something, but are excited about adding to your repertoire. There were a lot of good take aways from yesterday, including a more fast paced and continuous offense, well developing set pieces and better organization across the units.

Instead of a traditional woman of the match, I’d like to recognize the players who played for UMBC yesterday: Ronah, Ntebo, Becca, and Kelly. It was an entirely selfless act to help their own team. They played tough against you all and I appreciate their willingness to step up when asked.

Now it’s time to look ahead. The next game will be our last of the regular season, and like before we are still in control of our playoff destiny. When we beat Catholic, we earn our spot into the tournament that will decide the Union champ.


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