AUWRFC in the Playoffs

Congratulations to our Women of the Tournament: Nugget and Navy!

From the coach:

On Saturday-

I know we did not win today, but you played 80 minutes of tough AU rugby so well in fact that even the opposition coach took notice.

In that spirit our women of the match are Nugget and Simba. Simba stepped up to play not only in the forwards, but scrumhalf when needed and she played both with excellent poise. Nugget took charge of the defensive line for the backs and never stopped coming up hard whether she was on offense or defense.

On Sunday-


I just want to commend every one of you on a hard fought and great season. I know we didn’t walk away from this weekend with the wins we hoped for, but we did walk away with a lot of lessons and an absolute ton of potential. There is a lot to build on and we will start that work in the spring.

I am proud of all of you for fighting all 80 minutes during both games this weekend. That part of the game cannot be taught.



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