AUWRFC’s Spring Season Off to a Great Start


From the coach:


The coaches spent much of our time on the sidelines yesterday talking about the incredible hard work and great team play we were seeing on the field. From tough defense to excellent offensive continuity, you made a statement this weekend. You are here to play, you are here to compete and you have raised the bar. We have a lot of opportunities not only to grown the team, but you as players. We also have a chance to win a couple of tournaments as well!

While there was a lot of good and a ton of hard work, there’s always room for improvement especially after a first game of the season. We will be working on important things throughout the week and preparing for the game against St. Mary’s next weekend. If you are not coming to the game, that does not in any way mean you should not be coming to practice. As I said we are preparing not only for next weekend, but the rest of the season – we want everyone there to learn and help their teammates get better.


Our women of the match are those players who made their AU debut this weekend: Sinja, Miranda, Sophie, Bender and Caitlin. All of them have had a week of practice, many their first week of rugby ever and every single one of them them went out there and made a positive impact on the field.


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