AU @ St. Mary’s

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From the coach:

Yesterday, we went a long way with only a few people and fought hard against a motley St. Mary’s team. We did not win, but a lot of people gained a ton of experience in new or different positions. We had a lot of rookies and newer players with many minutes, which is going to help us immensely going forward this season.

We also saw something else fantastic yesterday – the play of the backs who are our women of the match. Not only did they develop great chemistry offensively that allowed us some continuity, but they played tough, tough defense all day long. I am very proud of every single one of the backs out there yesterday, and a shout out to those on the wings who faced some stiff offense all day long.

When we come back from spring break, we have a lot of rugby and a lot we can win. The coaches have hard work in our plans and we hope you’ll all be ready to step up to the challenge.

One last thing to bring back from spring break: a little AU rugby swagger. If anything was missing yesterday it was the confidence to succeed. The confidence to go out there and take the ball from the other team, to blow over that ruck because you can. You all are rugby players, you all have the skills and talent to beat the competition, but you need to believe that.


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