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From the coach:


Today the sun came out to see AUWRFC leave everything out on the pitch and fight to the last minute of each match! For that, the coaches could not be happier.

Against UMD, we saw some great combinations and line breaks from the forwards and the backs. The backs were in support of your teammates, pushed the ball forward and came up hard on defense. We saw some great combinations as we continue to expand our toolbox of moves. Next game, we need to be steeper in support and burst into the ball so that we don’t get clumped up as the ball gets out to the wing. Forwards did a great job of hitting and stripping on offense, resulting in continuous play and more opportunities. The forwards were not to be outdone by tough defense, building the wall from the post and coming up hard and together. If we can get that second phase of defense to be as solid as the first, we’ll be able to get even more offensive ball.

In the second match against Michigan, we worked hard for a full 50 minutes against one of the best teams AU has faced in several years. We were outmatched in the scrums, but we never let that stop us. Past AU teams would have turned on one another, taking out frustrations on teammates, but you all looked for constructive ways to fight back and keep playing hard. Learning from today, it is clear we need to not only talk to one another, but also listen. The more dynamic communication we have, the less gaps will be in our defensive line and the more support we will have on offense. I was so impressed to play with you all today! I expect that you bring that same tenacity to every match we have for the rest of the season!

Everyone played great minutes today, but out woman of the matches goes to Sinja for her tenacious and creative play, and for her cool head in the face of frustration and injury. Let’s all be sure to support her as she recovers from a (hopefully) minor setback.


This weekend we didn’t come away with any scoreboard wins which is never fun, but we came away with some important things nonetheless. You played incredibly tough on both days – on the first against teams that play on a very high level week in and out. Many of our newest players saw extended minutes for the first time, a lot people played in new positions. Most importantly, I think you all proved to yourselves and to each other what you are capable of.
I know that when you’re losing it doesn’t always feel like you are growing, but that has most definitely been the case. Every week you have gotten better, played tougher and more cohesively gaining the experience needed to be a great team. We have more than half a season left to play and grow and be great.
In that spirit the women of the match yesterday were Tess and Kelly. Tess directed the backs every step of the way, played tough defense and continually looked for ways to create offensive opportunity. Kelly played a tenacious game and never gave up for a moment in any phase of the game. The coaches could not ask for more from women of the match than these two gave.

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