AU Beats GW and Catholic

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From the coach:
I think you demonstrated on Saturday what hard work and team work can do in a rugby game.
I know the coaches have been telling you all this season that you’ve been playing well and doing the right things and continuing to improve, but yet you haven’t been winning which is incredibly frustrating. This weekend it all came together for some kick ass AU wins. Both units performed better than we’ve seen all year on a day when conditions were definitely not ideal. It’s supposed to finally feel like spring this week! Given the fact that we had about 3 total hours of practice last weekend and played this well, I can’t wait to see what three full practices will do.
Woman of the match for the weekend is Bender. She had a hat trick of tries across the 80 minutes, melded into the backline chemistry seamlessly and played tough shutdown defense of several opposing backs. A truly awesome performance.
I also want to give a shout out to two that made that important leap from rookies to ruggers this weekend: Caitlin and Hannah. From Caitlin blowing through rucks and playing great defense to Hannah’s fearless and ferocious try saving tackles, these two were fantastic.

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