Cherry Blossom Tournament

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From the coach:

I stole your captains subject, because it perfectly captures the spirit of the weekend.
Every week this season you have reached new heights and proved that you are prepared to do what it takes to be better. Everyone on this team is a better rugby player, and most importantly you are a better and more incredible team than a season ago. We want you all to, even in tough games and tough circumstances be able to hold your heads up and say that you represented yourselves and AUWRFC the best you could.
We came away with three big and hard fought wins this weekend, and a heartbreaking loss. Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. This team won a hell of a lot more than three games this weekend.
Since we had so many matches, the coaches thought we would have some women of the tournament. Two people played better rugby than we have seen them play in their entire AU careers, demonstrating both skill in their positions and driving their teammates every minute to be better – those two are Navy and Tess.
An honorable mention goes to several of the backs who helped develop excellent offensive continuity together and played all around fantastic defense against some tough opposition – Grace, Bender & Nugget.

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