Perseverance Pays Off

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“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

–Victor Hugo

Our team may have suffered some setbacks in the past few weeks, but this weekend, AUWRFC refused to let them get us down. Instead we persevered, and our reward was a triumph over VCU. Even though we had very few subs, and our back line was made up primarily of people playing out of position, we refused to admit defeat. Even when the first half of the game ended with two goals from the opposition, we refused to give up. This can be seen in the hard work and leadership of our women of the match, Siena and Ellie who led by example with their constant effort on the pitch. Way to stay strong, ladies! As we move forward with our season, this match will serve as proof that this team has what it takes to win, even when the odds stacked against us. Knowing this, we now have the confidence to walk into any situation, put our best foot forward, and come out on top. This week as we prepare for our next match against Salisbury, we will definitely be keeping this victory in mind, using it as proof of what hard work, positivity, and perseverance can do. Keep it up AUWRFC!


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