Chilled at Cherry Blossom

“Life doesn’t stop due to weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, if you have work then you have to do it.”

Paballo Seipei

This weekend, we faced quite a few opponents on the field at the Cherry Blossom Tournament, but our biggest rival was the weather. However, despite the fact that it was freezing, windy, and wet, AUWRFC refused to give up, because we had work to do (and rugby to play)! Even when most of the other teams at the tournament gave up and went home when the official tournament was cancelled, AUWRFC played on! Combining with Slippery Rock, we formed AmRock, a team to beat all teams! We then played Salisbury in an unofficial match. Playing on the spur of the moment with a team you don’t know is definitely a challenge, but the members of AUWRFC who played on AmRock showed a great deal of determination and leadership. For that, the players who waited out the weather to play on Sunday are the women of the tournament. Special shout out to those players who tried out new positions, our rookie Hannah who put up with all the chaos like a champ, and the members of the team who stayed to help coach and cheer everyone on! While the tournament may have not ended the way it was predicted to, we still had a ton of fun and got a lot of great rugby experience (and made some new friends from Slippery Rock)! This week we look forward to our first regular game of the season and, with any luck, some warmer weather.

P.S. No pictures this week, because honestly it was too cold to ask someone to take their hands out of their pockets to hold a camera…


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