Tournament Season: Cherry Blossom & Ruggerfest

The past few weeks have involved a great deal of rugby for AUWRFC. First we played in DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Rugby Tournament, where we went 2-2 over the course of two days. We faced tough competition from the teams we played but left everything we had on the field. For Cherry Blossom, our woman of the tournament was Kat, who played effectively on both defense and offense and acted as a strong leader for her teammates.

After an off week in between, we spent last weekend playing at the DC Furies’ Ruggerfest Tournament. We spent the tournament surrounded by other talented, hard working women’s teams from the DC area and beyond. While the final record for Ruggerfest was 1-2, we came together as a team and showed not only our capabilities as rugby players, but an abundance of character in the face of frustration.

Last weekend, there were a number of players who deserved to be named woman of the tournament: Caitlin, Nicole, Molly Bean, and Steph, for their impressive play, and Tashell for her character and positivity on the field. However, woman of the tournament goes to our captains, Kelly and Nugget. They demonstrated true AUWRFC character and led their teammates both with their voices and by example.

With both tournaments over, we have completed the competitive part of our spring season. We’ll be going out in style with our final match of the season: the 20th Anniversary Alumni Game!


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