Start College off Right, Join AUWRFC!

Starting college in a few weeks and looking for a fun and easy  way to get involved on campus? Already been at AU for a year or two, but looking to branch out? Spending a semester/year at AU as an exchange student and want to meet an amazing group of young women? Played soccer since pre-school and ready for a change? Never played a sport and decided this is the year? Just want to hang out with some incredibly awesome people, and learn about an amazing sport?

Regardless of your situation or reason, the answer is always JOIN AUWRFC! No experience necessary! Just attend one of our info sessions listed below, and learn how you can make these awesome people your teammates!

Still have questions? Reach out to our fabulous Rookie Mama, Sophie Black! Sophie is ready to help you get involved with rugby here at AU and so excited to do it. Here is what she had to say about her position:

“When I found out I was going to be rookie mama, I was so excited. To me, this was a chance to continue our momentum, and shape the future of American University Women’s Rugby, an organization that has given so much to me in only a year. What’s even more exciting, is that being a sophomore, I was just in the position that the rookies will be in now, allowing me to relate and guide them through every step of joining our team and rugby family. I can’t wait to meet our new rookies and teach them how to fly high like an eagle!”

AUWRFC's 2016-2017 Rookie Mama, Sophie Black
AUWRFC’s 2016-2017 Rookie Mama, Sophie Black

Want to learn more? We will be hosting information sessions during the  first week of classes about how to get involved. The meetings are on August 30 (Tuesday), August 31 (Wednesday), and September 1 (Thursday), all at 8 pm on the SIS stairs. Feel free to also email Sophie at with questions/for more info! You can also fill out the contact form to get added to our email listserve to stay up-to-date on practices and games. Hope to see you at a session and out on the pitch later this fall!


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