Executive Board

The executive board is the representative governing body of AUWRFC and its purpose is to act in the best interest of the team at all times. Team members have the right to present their concerns at a meeting with the e-board with adequate notice to the president before said meeting.  The concerns must be considered and/or investigated by e-board with appropriate follow-through. 

The Fall 2017 e-board is as follows:

President – Lauri Alvarez

E-mail: auwomensrugbypresident@gmail.com

Treasurer – Angie Hu

E-mail: ah4021a@studet.american.edu

Secretary – Julia Chalker

E-mail: jc4969a@student.american.edu

Match Secretary – Anna “Guffee” McGuffee

E-mail: auwrfc.matchsec@gmail.com

Fundraising – Sam Carroll

E-mail: sc0783a@student.american.edu

Equipment Manager – Amelia Haymes

E-mail: ah8556a@student.american.edu

Recruitment/Social Chair – Ashley Murphy

E-mail: am7408a@student.american.edu

Media Relations – Katarina Walther 

E-mail: auwrfcprchair@gmail.com

Captains – Hannah Wohlfahrt and Laura “Smalls” Linehan

E-mail: hw0192a@student.american.edu and ll0958a@student.american.edu


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