Katherine Hanson
Katherine Hanson – Captain
Tashell Mitchell
Tashell Mitchell
Caitlin Gibney- Fundraising Chair
Caitlin Gibney- President
Cassie Boudreaux
Cassie Boudreaux
Siena Cicarelli
Siena Cicarelli
Lauri Alvarez – Treasurer
Maggie Costello – Public Relations
Laura “Smalls” Linehan
Molly Bean – Captain
Samantha Carroll

Not Pictured

Miranda Gosselin

Michelle Turcios

Hannah Wohlfahrt

Faith Powell

Sophie Black

Sarah Everett

Julia Chalker

Maia Lemman

Nicole Asbun

Courtney Parish

Maeve Ryan

Cloe Nomic

Katie Cramer

Angie Hu

Cassandra Pendino

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