Season Roster History

If you are an alumnus and would like to be added to out alumni listserve, leave a comment at the bottom or contact us through the “Contact us” tab above!

The team was founded by Kathy Hinchcliffe in Spring 1996. Having been the only who had ever played rugby before, she began her quest to build the first women’s rugby team.

Some of the inaugural “rookies” were Julie “Hoochie” Bayne, Lynne “Timex” Bruger, Cindy Chow, Kim Craddock, Jean Marie Dunn, Crystal Elias, Erin “Beast” Ellison, “Nurse” Akwugo (Janet/AK) “One Step” Emejulu, Harmony “Blue Hawaii” Fabrizio, Johanna “Blonde Boy Toy” Gregory, Katrina “Thumbalina” Haugen, Jennifer “Trixie” Okezie, Bridget “B-Shea” Shea, Merri Snow, Angela “Pucahontas” Stahle, Tiffany “Spacey” Trott, and Rachel Vasey.


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