Player Spotlight

Spotlight On: Angie


Age: 19
Year at AU: Sophomore
Rookie Class: Fall 2015
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Buisness
Rugby Position: Wing

Fun Fact:
– Angie speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Chinese!) and has a kitten names Piper at home.

Why did you decide to start playing rugby?

I played field hockey in high school and wanted to try something new. Rugby sounded the most different.

Describe the feeling of playing in your first game:

My first game I was so confused and so nervous. I just kept looking at my teammates to make sure I wasn’t making the worst mistake of my life. However, at the same time it was thrilling and I had a lot of fun.

Favorite AUWRFC memory:

my favorite memory was being with my rookie class and making a whole new group of friends with girls who knew exactly how I felt on the field and always had my back.

Describe AUWRFC in one word: Dedicated.