Rising from Loss

Following a weekend off from rugby due to weather, AUWRFC went head-to-head against George Mason for our second matrix match this season. After a physical game, GMU was able to pull ahead, winning the game 17 to 14.

Although we did not come out victorious, AUWRFC had strong aspects of play. Despite the rain, our set pieces were unified and drove together. We also had some outstanding play from individual team members–some of the best we’ve seen all season. Women of the Match this week are Maeve and Lauri! Maeve was a force to be reckoned with on Saturday, bringing continual energy and dedication to the game, and stopping GMU in their tracks. Also, special shoutout for that time she held up a try with her foot! On the backs side of things, Lauri did a fantastic job identifying openings in the GMU defense, communicating to get the ball, and running super fast! Also shoutout for never giving up, and finishing the game on a positive note with a try.

This week’s practice will be dedicated to improving tackles when we are tired, maintaining ball possessions, and setting up an effective defensive line. A lot of our areas for improvement center around coming together, 15 as 1, and amplifying our individual strengths by playing as a cohesive team.

With clear goals for practice this week and a fire to come out of this loss, we are hopeful to present a strong and cohesive team against GW next week to get the win.


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